Spectrum Enterprise Cloud Connect

Confidently execute your cloud strategy

Cloud Connect overview
Spectrum Enterprise Cloud Connect provides dependable and private connectivity to cloud service providers (CSPs).
Improving the interaction between your organization and the public or hybrid clouds, Cloud Connect offers a high-performing, secure fiber-based connection, allowing you to confidently access cloud-based compute, storage and applications from any location on your wide area network.

Using public internet access to connect to CSP environments reduces reliability, adds security vulnerabilities, introduces delays and adds complexity. Cloud Connect provides any organization with premium end-to-end network performance that’s essential to fully benefit from today’s cloud services: guaranteeing speed, reliability and security. Cloud Connect can access the largest CSPs from a variety of peering locations across the U.S.

Product highlights

• Improve performance: Access to public clouds is faster
and more consistent with high performance,
SLA-backed, dedicated bandwidth.
• Reduce risk: Private connectivity protects against
disruptive intrusions and malicious attacks.
• Simplify cloud connectivity: Easily link multiple cloud
environments to any network resource.

Key features

• Secure connection to AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud
and Google Cloud Platform environments.
• Dedicated bandwidth with scalable access speeds
available from 50 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.
• Powerful network SLAs to the cloud service provider
gateway point including 99.99% service availability.
• Multiple connectivity options are available to meet
specific business needs.