Managed Router Service

Connect business locations and ensure high availability, performance and reliability with a fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN) routing solution.

Managed Router Service overview
Managed Router Service enables network managers to more efficiently manage traffic flow and bandwidth utilization across their WAN. The service includes end user equipment, network design, installation, configuration and updates with 24/7/365 support. The service removes
additional management burdens from IT teams with a fully outsourced and supported solution. Be assured of a robust, reliable and expertly managed network solution with Spectrum Enterprise providing the most MEF CECP 2.0 certified professionals.

Product highlights
• Help ensure network continuity: Improve reliability and
uptime of WAN connections by ensuring routing network
equipment is always up to date.
• Provide reliable connections: Ensure your network is running
at top performance with always-updated equipment that
identifies and corrects both issues and bottlenecks with the
ability to easily gain insight into network performance.
• Minimize disruptions: Provide failover to a second router to
ensure continued network access.
• Provide expert support: Focus on more strategic initiatives
knowing you have dedicated access to certified technicians
as well as local account teams, plus 24/7/365 phone and
online support.
• Manage efficiently: Offload network support requirements
to focus IT on more strategic initiatives with a fully managed
solution including design, implementation and router

Router management features
• Dynamic routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, VRRP).
• Tag quality of service bits for traffic prioritization.
• Auto-failover (to wired or wireless).
• Bandwidth profile management/traffic shaping.
• Border gateway protocol logical routing.
• WAN and Internet connection management.
• LAN router configuration/access control lists.
• IPv4/IPv6 dual stack routing.
• Multicast support.
Web-based portal
• Monitor network health.
• Generate reports of performance statistics.

Managed Router Service Portal
Increase network visibility and data
intelligence with password-protected
online access to the Managed Router
Service Portal.
Use the convenient dashboard to track
and optimize performance with access
to all managed devices:
• View network topology.
• Generate device performance
statistics, bandwidth utilization and
other reports that include:
– Device status
– Traffic analysis
– CPU utilization
– Memory utilization
• Create custom reports to gain the
visibility and control needed to
make fact-based decisions that can
help improve network performance
and reliability.