Enterprise Trunking

Rely on Enterprise Trunking from Spectrum EnterpriseTM for secure, flexible voice communications

To connect with someone quickly and effectively, nothing beats picking up the phone. That’s why the trunking solution you
choose to link your business to the public phone network is so important.
Spectrum Enterprise makes the voice trunking choice easy by supporting a full range of options based on SIP, PRI and analog
connectivity, all delivered with 99.99 percent availability up to the PBX and over our nationwide fiber network.

Options for multi-site networks
With Spectrum Enterprise, clients with multiple locations can support a decentralized voice architecture using separate trunks and
PBXs to serve each site or gain the operational efficiencies of centralizing voice services in a single PBX and trunk at one location.

Product highlights

• Customized solutions: Spectrum Enterprise lets you tailor
a trunking solution specifically to your needs. We support
SIP, PRI and analog line interfaces.
• Secure, reliable performance: Because all Spectrum
Enterprise trunking services are delivered over our
dedicated, private fiber network, proactively monitored
24/7/365, you enjoy the same level of availability and
performance, regardless of the trunking option you choose.

• Flexibility: The options and capacity available from Spectrum
Enterprise give you the flexibility to grow your voice solution,
adding more call paths, minutes-of-use (MOU) and direct
inward dial numbers (DIDs) as your business evolves.
• Ease of doing business: A single solution gives you
everything you need: the connection, DID numbers,
equipment, call paths and long distance calling packages.
• Solution architectures: Trunks can be configured to
support single-site, multi-site, centralized and decentralized