Enterprise Network Edge

Providing secure, uncompromising performance as your network needs evolve.

Enterprise Network Edge gives large-scale organizations the ability to transition to a hybrid network architecture built
around advanced SD-WAN technologies. Powered by Fortinet, Enterprise Network Edge offers access to multiple cloud
instances and advanced security with throughput speeds up to 100 Gbps, while also supporting distributed workforces. This
delivers a better digital experience for your teams and creates a flexible network that can quickly meet the evolving needs of
your organization.

Powerful, adaptable and fully supported: Enterprise Network Edge enhances the digital experience.
Enterprise Network Edge also supports single-site organizations that require high-capacity throughput speeds and low
latency while keeping it all secure. No matter what your needs are, Enterprise Network Edge can support your most demanding
applications. And as your trusted partner, Spectrum Enterprise will provide a consultative approach from design through
implementation to ensure a smooth network transition.

Enterprise Network Edge simplifies the transition to a hybrid architecture and creates a secure SD-WAN environment
throughout your public network.